I sat on my porch in the evening after it’s makeover for fall.

Actually, my neighbor asked me what I was doing when he saw me winding leaves around the porch rail.   I confessed  I still had a touch of the 1980’s in me.  Back in those days I decorated for every holiday.  I had a lot of help and ideas from two of my amazing and inspiring friends, Jan and Conya.  Both helped me see that the space we occupy is a sacred gift.

The thing is . . . I still enjoy the process of creating “sacred” space . . .  a place to re-organize thoughts and to re-energize from the rush and hurry of life.  Just so happens  my porch has become a sacred space for me.

It’s where I was able to put the FINAL FIVE into perspective.

The FINAL FIVE are my last Sundays at RED DOOR CHURCH (RDC).


I realized BIG trust is needed to finish well.  Of course, it needs to be BIG because trust never ends up being little.


I asked God to give me strength to trust during the FINAL FIVE.   Because.  I could not do it on my own.

Truth:  I had an inner war within me.


It was not how I planned my life.


I made the decision to trust God to work all the details out for good.  It’s what God does.

Trust makes it possible to move forward.  


I am.  

I begin the FINAL FIVE  this Sunday and end on Christmas Eve Sunday morning.   If,  you know me for 2.5 seconds or more, then, you know I love Christmas like crazy.   No.  I am not one of those that use every ounce of energy to make Christmas happen.


There was a time that I worked too hard at making Christmas happen.  Of course, there was joy in the work because I spent extra time with Jan and Conya as we strategized the details of how to actually do it all.   I expended more energy than anyone ever should.

Along the way, I learned it was not necessary or advisable to do it all.  Turns out this was big revelation for me.  Because.  I am actually one of those.

I lived long enough to see beyond.

Anyway . . .

Sitting on my porch that night, I experienced an eucharist of the soul–a deep gratefulness for the  opportunity  to teach and share what I have learned in the sacred space which the RED DOOR CHURCH has created.  It’s a gift of God’s grace.

Since then, it’s been clear that I am to share the key elements of living the best life in the FINAL FIVE.

Thank you God.

For you dear friend:  I pray you will experience an eucharist of the soul–a deep gratefulness for the grace of God in your life–in a sacred space. I can’t wait to connect with you during the FINAL FIVE!

With deep gratefulness for you–Kerrie

Let’s connect:

 Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2017 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED







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