My Perfect Picture Of Thanksgiving

Even when you and I are sincerely grateful, the “perfection” of the Thanksgiving holiday rarely occurs.  Seriously.  The messiness of it all is behind the perfect pictures that will be posted on social media today.

I know this for sure –because I, too, love staging a moment of perfection to take a picture before everyone stops posing– and chaos resumes.

Don’t get me wrong–I love to see pictures that show the creative ways people express their gratefulness.  And, a moment of perfection always gives me hope that maybe one day . . .


I want to share a perfect picture I took last Saturday, November 18, at Pacific City, Oregon.

Our family stopped everything to come together for the whole weekend.  We’ve decided to give time and experiences as our gift to one another.  I think it may be the best gift ever.


We were prepared for a typical coast weekend of rain and wind.  We brought plenty of snacks, games, and books.

The thing is . . .  I’m a true Oregonian . . .  and love rainy cold days.


We were all surprised for the picture perfect weather on Saturday.   I stood on the sand–surveying the sky, the ocean, Haystack Rock, and some of my tribe’s footprints in the sand. I stood a long time before I could stop thinking about all the stuff of life.  It’s a practice I need to do more often.  BECAUSE.   Peace came when I let it all go.

I stood watching the waves, feeling the sea breeze blow against me, listening to my family talking and laughing, wanting to capture the moment in a picture.   I mean.  It was perfect.  I could only be grateful.

It was the eucharist of the soul.

The simplicity and beauty of the moment in time, reminded me that true thanksgiving is soul deep and a gift in itself.  So, I pray there will be time for you to experience the eucharist of the soul.

Happy Thanksgiving–Kerrie

Here’s my perfect thanksgiving picture for you–there’s no filter or  staging.

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 Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2017 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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