The Wonderful And Hard

So . . . Christmas . . . it’s wonderful and hard.  There’s no getting around it.  The stuff of life does not take a break for Christmas.  I know this is nothing new to you.  But.

For me, this season is wonderful because of who is in my life. And.  As you know, it’s hard because Christmas Eve morning I’m stepping down from my role as lead pastor of RED DOOR CHURCH, a community of wonderful friends.  I am saying this again . . . because it’s the thing that’s taking my breath away . . . the how- can-this-be kind of situation.

The thing is . . . God  brings something good out of the hard . . . always.

And, yes, I know these words sound like a routine pastor-platitude.    I am sure it’s on the list of “Things Every Pastor Should Say When They Don’t Know What To Say.

Actually, I just made the list up.  Because.  I think there’s an invisible one floating around in a heavenly sort of way.  Kidding.

Anyway.  Most of us pastors have the gift of being able to talk more than the average human being.  So, when you get down to it, the list is unnecessary.

I do know for sure God’s goodness is talked about by thousands if not billions of pastors.  It’s worth saying over and over. Because. It’s plain and simple truth.

 I’ve lived the with-God life long enough to see God’s gift of good in the center of all things  . . .  even in the worst of the worst.  Going through the hard with the knowledge something good will come is GOLD.  When you get down to it, these words are a lifeline of hope in the turmoil and stress of  every. single. day.

Because.   The trauma of the hard produces a string of hopeless-paralyzing thoughts and emotions which become part of the battle with the hard.

This is “why” my last series at RDC is “It’s A Wonderful Life.”

And, yes, I know you are aware that the movie, It’s A Wonderful Life, is my most favorite, especially in black and white.  Because.  It gives a glimpse of a man who discovers what has made his life wonderful despite being in a no-good-horrible-situation.  Profound.  Just so good.

It all starts tomorrow (10:30 am @RDC @1219 3rd St NW Salem 97304).

It’s good! –Kerrie

PS. These two cuties helped decorate.  Seriously–GOD’S GOODNESS.

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 Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2017 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


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