The NEW Of It

This God-word tells my story and yours.  AND.   I’m hanging onto this all. year. long.

See, I am doing a new thing!
    Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness
    and streams in the wasteland.  (Isaiah 43:19, NIV).  

The NEW work of God changes everything–including the wilderness seasons of life.

I have found NEW to be necessary in order to live the best life.  BUT.   NEW usually requires me to do a cleaning out and reorganization of what really matters in life.  NEW does not become a way of life until I let go of what does not belong.  In other words, it’s a work of  SURRENDER.

I don’t want you to think that I think surrender is easy because it’s mostly not.  BUT.  It’s a powerful experience.

One of the most challenging experiences this year was to surrender my role as Red Door Church (RDC)  lead pastor at the end of 2017.   As difficult as it has been, surrendering it all has opened the door to new opportunities.

Life is new.

This week I will begin a new chapter by meeting with two amazing individuals, Joshua Lindley and Kelly Stearns, to determine the “what and the how” of a new work. I hope you will follow along as we figure out how to begin and develop a new way to share the message of life.

Joshua Lindley at RDC–“Piano Man”

Some ending thoughts I had in 2017  . . .

I believe an ending opens the door to a new beginning when life is lived with God.  It’s one reason I love the end of the year.  It’s not about starting over but about beginning NEW.  The thing is . . . I’m not discounting or ignoring  the HARD of life . . . because it’s always there, whether it’s acknowledged or not.

BUT. (A big BUT).

It turns out, the HARD is an opportunity to experience the miraculous of the impossible becoming possible.  It’s part of what I refer to as the MORE of God.  I’ve seen and experienced the MORE of God in my own life and those I’ve walked with and served over the years.

So.  As the door to 2018 opens:  BE READY FOR NEW.  Enter 2018 with anticipation for the MORE of God every. single. day.  Face the mountain(s) standing in the way with confidence.  Be mindful for what is in front of you to ultimately be a gift.  SIMPLIFY life.  Do only what matters.  Let go of the unnecessary. Choose JOY, an essential for healing and wholeness.  LIVE NEW.

WHY?  It’s a very BIG question that has been asked since the beginning of time.  At the bottom of my ongoing list of WHYS is the word, TRUST.

The thing is . . .  TRUST is essential in every WHY . . . especially in the hard of it all.  TRUST is not easy; however, it’s essential for healing, wholeness, and living beyond the power of our circumstances.

One of the most healing prayers I know to pray is 3 simple words: “I TRUST You.”

I know this for sure:

Lean into the heart of God rather than into worry or stress and all things will come together for GOOD.

This is ALWAYS true.

As I prepare tonight for my last message as lead pastor of Red Door Church (RDC), I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the opportunity I have had.  The thing is . . . God has graciously allowed me to be a part of something miraculous and meaningful that’s beyond words . . . a surprising adventure of a lifetime.

“Thank You God for yesterday and today.  Tomorrow belongs to You.”

Dear friend,
May your days be filled with the wonder of God in your life.
May you know God is present and will never leave or fail you.
May you experience the good of God in the darkest as well as the brightest of days.
May you love God and one another every. single. day.

 Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2018 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED




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