Blessing Of God’s More

I have had a lifetime of learning about God’s MORE.

One of the most amazing moments occurred after I made the hard but right decision to step down from my position as RDC lead pastor.  My friends gave me a blessing party–a revelation of God’s MORE.  You will see just a few of my thoughts and pictures of that moment.  I was beyond surprised and blessed.  I will be posting more later.

But.  Today.   I pray you will receive this  blessing of God’s MORE:

May you never stop believing there is MORE.
Because.  There is.
May you be strong and brave in your millions of moments.
Because.  Each moment is an opportunity of MORE.  It’s endless.
May you see the divine possibilities in the impossible of circumstances.
Because.  The impossible is a catalyst to MORE God-possibilities.  Trust.
May you love and serve God and humanity all the days of your life.
Because.  Loving and serving opens the door to MORE.  Always.
May you live in the peace of God that brings power to the weak, hope to the hopeless, and light to those who live in darkness.
Because.  The peace of God produces the ability to see, hear, and receive MORE.  Celebrate.
May you know the unstoppable love of God with a  joy that causes you to share it around the world and back.
Because.  God’s love is the MORE this world needs.  Now.
May you influence humanity with thoughts, words, and actions of life and grace.
Because.  Influence is living out the MORE given from the heart of God.  Relate.
May you know the delight of the call of God in the good and hard of this world.
Because.  Living out the call of God is a daily adventure of MORE.  Nothing compares.
May you live beyond your wildest imagination on the purposeful pathway of God.
Because.  With God there’s MORE planned than will ever be understood.  Ever.
May you wait in hope and trust of the MORE of God every. single. day.
Because.  God is God. –Kerrie
I have been blessed by so many and wanted to give you a glimpse of the blessing party and . . .  say thank you to all!  There are more pictures of more beautiful friends and words to say–stay tuned.
I was beyond surprised and blessed by my dear friends Jeanne and Richard and all!
The greetings of friends–is JOY!
The gift of friends is miraculous love.
Christa. Denise. Jeanne. Anne. No words to explain what it means to be their friend. Love.
Sarah and I have been friends since childhood. Everyone listened to her. She knows way. too. much.
My family has been a part of my call BIG. TIME. (My mom is sitting by me. Miss Madelyn on my lap and some of the rest of the family behind me.)
Joshua–the true piano man–played the harmonica and piano leading the song he wrote about me–THE JESUS GIRL. So much fun!
Singing the song, JESUS GIRL. Words were provided. Totally fun.
Kelly–was the instigator as usual. I kept thinking she was hiding something from me and asked frequently–“Is there something I should know?” Wow.
My dad shared a blessing.
Red Door Church Advisory Board (Dan, Brad, Jim, Lori, and Kevin) blessing Gregg and I as we closed the chapter of this season of life.
Kathy. Anne. Laughing. It’s key to our friendship. Love.
2 RDC leaders–Poli and Dale– led a prayer of blessing over us.
The blessing of joy!

Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2018 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

(Pictures by Shelly Mackerell Photography)

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