Opinions On Stuff

Our dinner discussion with some friends focused on  the stuff which accumulates in life.

Everyone had an opinion.

We  agreed stuff magically appears, piling up in unused spaces, occupying MORE than less of the places we live in.

By the way . . .

I think it explains the rise of storage units.  The folks who own the storage units make a lot of money from MORE stuff piling up.

Yes.   This is my personal opinion.

Turns out  . . .

  50% of us at dinner liked having less than MORE stuff.  The other half admitted they like to keep stuff.

So . . .

You might as well know I’m opinionated when it comes to MORE stuff.

Yes . . .

I have experienced the regret of letting go of something.

And, yes . . .

I’ve bought replacements.

The thing is . . .

MORE than less stuff IS MORE than frustrating to me. I’ve spent MORE time looking through piles of stuff than what seems reasonable. It has stolen years from my life.

Okay . . .

I know this is MORE dramatic than needed. BUT. It’s my opinion.

I admit . . .

I’ve issued ultimatums to the guilty keepers:   “You have 2 days to get rid of the piles of stuff.   On the third day, I will rise up and take care of your stuff.”

Surprisingly . . .

The keeper of the stuff is not amused by my ultimatums.

Even, so . . .

I remind the keeper: “Your stuff takes MORE space and energy than necessary.”
The keeper reminds me: “My stuff is a meaningful part of my existence.”

I roll my eyes with a “whatever” look.

I know . . .

I need to have MORE compassion for the keepers of the world.

Then, again . . .
50% of you get me, believing less is MORE.
And . . .
*MORE is a gift—Kerrie

* In 2009, I began sharing the message, “The with-God life opens the door to MORE.”

Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2018 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

(Pictures by Shelly Mackerell Photography)


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