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Let’s Go


Conversation with God happens in the place called prayer.

It’s a meeting place for all.
It’s where we are unified, despite our differences, as the Spirit of God supernaturally shifts our mindset and heart to come to an understanding of what really matters.
It’s where we find hope and peace.
It’s where the light breaks through the darkness, the impossible becomes possible, and sorrow becomes joy.
It’s where we know God is God.

Billy Graham clarified the importance of meeting in prayer:

“Family prayer is a fourth vital link in the chain of spiritual strength—a strength we are trying to build to protect us from a world gone mad. Practicing prayer as a family, not just a flippant blessing before a meal, can give us the security we need.”
~Hope For The Troubled Heart: Finding God In The Midst of Pain.

Let’s go to prayer–Kerrie

I’ve previously posted about the end of year surprise party . . . going to prayer together was an incredible experience . . . it always is!

Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2018 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

(Pictures by Shelly Mackerell Photography)

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