Okay friends– I’m so excited and blessed that this new thing in my life has started!    It’s a gift from God.

The first essential need is prayer.  Because this is a simple way for people to think about living with God. So please pray!

So . . . the REVEAL is below . . . BUT I am too excited here’s the links to click on and listen and like and follow and do all the other crazy things that happen with this kind of media–I mean.  Seriously crazy. Anyway it started this morning:

Joshua and I–our inaugural podcast! March 4, 2018
We also need our social media pages liked and followed as well as our websites visited—I know it’s a lot but we have to start somewhere 🙂
Our websites—we’ve only just begun!

So . . . here’s the REVEAL:

I have the opportunity to share the life message on my heart through  a partnership with Joshua Lindley and Kelly Stearns in our new company–“tablethink.”
This new thing–tablethink –will power different forms of media to inspire positivity in the world.
 And . . . here’s our website blurb about tablethink:
Everyone is invited to the table.  The table is where we are able to be honest, vulnerable, and true to ourselves.  It’s the place where we communicate, knowing we will be heard and valued. It’s where we forge and form relationships. It’s where we discover more.
Come to the table and think about what it means to live the best life to do what’s yours to do.
Meet the creators of tablethink:  Joshua Lindley, Kerrie Palmer, and Kelly Stearns.
Joshua is a renissance-techie. 
Kerrie is a life-storyteller. 
Kelly is a creative producer. 
They planted  a church together, realizing their best work occurred when they took a seat at the table, sharing ideas.   Despite the wide range of  their ages,  perspectives, and life-styles, they formed a great working relationship and ultimately a friendship.
Join Joshua, Kerrie, and Kelly as they begin this new venture of inspiring positivity in the world through podcasts, classes, books, products, and much more.
We’ve saved a place at the table for you—J, K, & K
And . . . the first media format is Studio365 . . . @
Here’s our about Studio 365

We believe how we start our day matters.

Studio365 gives unique insights for each day. Joshua and Kerrie invite you to join them every morning for some laughter, inspiration, and who knows what.

Joshua is a renissance-techie.
Kerrie is a life-storyteller.
Both Joshua and Kerrie are ordained pastors. Despite being born in different generations and having polar opposite life experiences, they developed a great friendship when they worked together at the Red Door Church in Salem, Oregon.

They knew there was something more for them to do together. So. Joshua and Kerrie have collaborated to bring a professional perspective of inspiration with some fun along the way in Studio 365.

Check out the web site every day for an update on the daily life list given at the end of the show or sign up to receive it in your inbox.

Joshua and Kerrie will be in studio 365 every. single. day.

 Please encourage others to listen —it’s probably the shortest morning show ever 🙂 —so not a huge commitment of time—the sites have the overview and lifelist and you can sign up.  It’s a work in progress.

Thank you for your love, support, and prayers!  –Kerrie

Our morning show–STUDIO 365!

One more time–here’s the links:

Our websites—we’ve only just begun!
Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2018 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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