My Answer To The Question

One of the many questions:

Are you starting a new church?

No. I mean. No.

I love the church.


I have a health challenge which led me to deep-soul-searching prayer.  It was clear: I needed to step down from my position as lead pastor.

The depth of my sorrow has been indescribable.  The Church has been a huge part of my life-long passion for sharing the message of God. 

Honestly, there’s nothing easy about turning the page and starting a new chapter when you already are where you want to be.  Even, so, this is a part of life.  No one escapes going through times when unimaginably hard decisions must be made.

The thing is . . . there’s always something more. . . after taking the leap and making a wise but difficult decision.  It’s what I’ve said for so many years:  “Life is full of surprises.”

Here’s a little behind the scenes of what’s happening now.

Studio 365  . . . a part of the main project, Tablethink, is part of a dream which started at a table years ago . . . as a group of friends and I spent hours in conversation about making a difference in our world. Eventually, we all went our separate ways as life happened.

Even so, my dream remained.

Decades later, I once again took a seat at the table and discussed what could be. My creative and courageous friends, Joshua Lindley and Kelly Stearns, not only listened and cared about what was on my heart but took it much further than I could have ever imagined.  We have developed a fierce friendship as well as a partnership in our endeavor to make a difference in this world through media.  The first on our list was to start a podcast show, offering hope, positivity, and life coaching in a small segment of time.

Of course, everyone is invited to stop by and listen at anytime; however, I have a firm conviction– how we start our day matters.   So.  We designed the podcast as a morning show.

Because.  You know.   Many things come at us, making it easy to let the urgent drive the way we live. In the end, we need to intentionally keep what matters at the forefront, particularly our relationship with God and one another.

The thing is . . .
When we intentionally give space and time to God and one another, life is
at the best, regardless of what must be managed.
So. We created the space for everybody and anyone to take a seat around our table in Studio 365 whether you are at home, work, school, working-out, walking the dog, in your car, or wherever else to be mindful of the potential, possibilities, and plan in the with-God life.
So . . .
I hope this answers this one question. For you to know, the door is always open to everyone and anyone at Studio 365.  I hope you will stop by every. single. day.
And . . .
I encourage you and your all to start with Studio 365,  #startwithstudio365, as you experience an amazing surprise of the more of God today–Kerrie
I’m still surprised . . . here’s our third week . . . @

Sunday, March 18 Breathe

Monday, March 19 Focused

Tuesday, March 20 Do Good

Wednesday March 21 The Main Thing

Thursday, March 22 Alert

Friday, March 23 You

Saturday, March 24 It’s All From God

Our websites—we’ve only just begun!
Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2018 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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