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I never cease to be amazed by the way God does things in our lives.  My life is so different than I thought it would be.  Like you, I have challenges.  But. The more of God is so much bigger than all the stuff needing to be managed.  Take Studio 365 for example.  It’s become a key piece of my life.  Of course, the reason I am doing the show is to share the message God has given me with my family, friends, and all. Only God could make all things work together like this.

Before I share anything more–there is a God-word to share–one of my favorites.  Yes, I have a many favorite God-words–and yes, this is a standby go-to-verse–and yes, it’s greeting-card worthy. BUT.  This God-word is the overarching concept to what’s happening in each of our lives:

So we are convinced that every detail of our lives is continually woven together to fit into God’s perfect plan of bringing good into our lives, for we are his lovers who have been called to fulfill his designed purpose (Romans 8:28, TPT)

This is a profound word for you and I to integrate at the deepest soul level and gives reason for me to share with you today.

Today’s Studio 365 show marks our 44th episode since we began on March 4, 2018.  It’s been an incredible experience to  share the “best-life” message in a 6-minute daily morning show.  And, guess what?  We will be rolling out a new podcast show called, Studio 365 After Hours, which is a longer show with more relaxed conversation.   The thing is . . . there’s a lot of work involved in this kind of media . . . and plenty of learning experiences.


This is a risk of faith, a season of firsts in my life.  I’m constantly reminded about God’s mercy, grace, and love in at all, especially when it’s obvious we have not reached our full potential.   But.  I learned a long time ago that the importance of the process in life is to hold as much value as the outcome.  I review this truth when I start rushing to get the job done and check it off my list.  It’s not how the process works.

There are many different kinds of shows that will be produced by tablethink; however studio 365 holds the honor of being the first born.  One of the key pieces of tablethink is to invite people into the conversation at the table and to share it at their table. The table has always been an important part of my life

  • where conversation begins.
  • where everybody is invited.
  • where everybody has a voice.
  • where everybody listens to understand, not to fix.
  • where everybody is valued and belongs.
  • where everybody is loved.


My dear family, friends, and all,

I pray you take time to connect with the “more” God has for you

and your all

at the table.

With my love and prayer–Kerrie


Thank You for revealing Your love in ways that are beyond words, for your undeniable presence and power, valuing each one of us no matter what.

May there be love where there is hate,

light where there is darkness,

connection where there is turning away,

forgiveness where there is none,

peace where there is unrest,

acceptance where there is shunning,

positivity where there is negativity,

grace where there is condemnation,

hope where there is hopelessness,

provision where there is lack,

courage where there is fear,

gratefulness where there is ingratitude,

health where there is sickness,

life where there is death.

We pray this is in your sacred name of love, Amen.

PS–Here’s the week @ Studio 365 beginning with today:

Today. April 15 is about trusting God in the process of the timing of all that matters in our life. Listen @ http://podcast.studio365daily.com/e/apr-15-1523604798/
Worry. It’s around us and sometimes in us. I see it impacting all ages. There are four words to learn for ourselves and share with others: God is for us. Powerful. Profound truth. You can listen @https://www.studio365daily.com/saturday-april-14-2018-fourwords/.
You and I know fear is a powerful force. But. There’s more power than ever imagined in the with-God life. You can listen @ https://www.studio365daily.com/friday-april-13-2018-beyond-yes-friday-13th/
If, we want to live deep in the “more” of God–we need to walk away from negative words and move into the power of grace filled words. You can listen @http://podcast.studio365daily.com/e/april-12-1523208556/
The thing is . . . when we review moments of our life . . . we see God packed more into the time than what we initially realized. It changes our perspective and ultimately brings a soul deep understanding! You can listen @ http://podcast.studio365daily.com/e/april-11-1523208515/
When someone takes the high road and speaks goodness–it impacts every. single. human being. It’s time for you and I to be a part of shifting this era from negativity to positivity. You can listen @http://podcast.studio365daily.com/e/april-10-1523208470/
More. It’s about God. There’s more to our life than can be imagined in the with-God life. You can listen @http://podcast.studio365daily.com/e/april-9-1523208436/


These four define “more.”
Our websites—we’ve only just begun!
Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2018 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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