The 365th Day Without Her

It’s the 365th day since my friend left.  I miss her every. single. day.  The two elements which defined her beyond anything else were her elegant grace and persistent love.  I mean.  No one will ever argue on this.  It’s what we all know to be true.

She was the kind of friend who always believed  I could do things, despite how hard or impossible it all seemed.  It was never worth arguing this kind of issue with her.  The more I did, the more she would say, “You can.”

I can’t remember one time that she put me down or made me feel less.  When I dared to tell her that I did not think I could do something, she was was all over me, asking “Why won’t you at least try?”

If, I needed a self-esteem boost, she was my go-to.  It was the same for many more.  

Actually, she held her circle of people close and with high regard.  Her circle was as wide as the world.  So.  There’s that.

Throughout the years, she and I both faced some difficult circumstances.  I was always much more vocal about my side of things.  I would tell her about the messes that had come my way.   She would tell me that in the end messes are a part of life for everyone.  But.  She never ended there  because she believed I had been assigned to help with the clean-up.  There’s no argument from me.  At least not today.

The thing is . . .

Her voice and her words have continued to speak to me in these 365 days since she left, reminding me that every mess brings the opportunity to love and move into a space of elegant grace, beyond the impossibility of it all.

How else can I explain the gift she left behind ?



You and I know death from many angles

and that more often than not,

 chaos and messes are left in it’s trail.


My friend did it differently.  She  made sure who she left behind

would be loved by those who she loved.

It’s profound.

She left me a circle of friends who know how to love deep and wide . . . each one of them is an elegant grace-filled gift . . . leaving the fragrance of her love behind.

Thank you friend for including me in your legacy of love these 365 days.

 I miss you.  I love you.  I’m grateful for you. –Kerrie


Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2018 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED




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