May 2018 . . . Soul, Family, Home, Studio 365, DIY Projects, Etc.

At Studio 365. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this new work as I learn from this new season of my life.

I love spring.

It defines new beginnings.

It was in the spring, a million or more years ago, when I discovered that no matter what is going on . . .  life is full of beautiful surprises . . . because God promises to make all things new.

It’s  to be underlined deep in the soul: ” See, I am making all things new”  (Revelation 21:5, Voice).

These are words that I take to heart in this season.  There’ve been some dramatic changes in my personal life, none of which I planned, some of it unwanted.   It would be easy to let the negative rule.  Please understand, I am not discounting the pain in the hard of life.  The thing is . . .  the hard can teach . . . and produce a new perspective.

I have learned from the hard and I do see God at work, making something good out of it all.  It’s part of the journey.  Doesn’t God have such incredible flair and amazing power to bring us to a new beginning rather than leaving us at a dead-end?

So.  I pray this will encourage you . . . and that you will feel welcomed to my corner of the world in the month of May . . .

By the way, I will be adding updates to this post during the month of May until my next big post for June 2018.

May each day be your best–Kerrie

Simplicity of Living

1.  Soul Deep

2. Surrendering

3.  Sacred Space

4.  Stewarding

5. Savoring It All

And, yes, there’s more . . . because there’s always more . . .

1.  Soul Deep

Here’s what I think:  Those who risk being generous with their lives are humanity’s heroes.  The desire to give love and service is soul deep.  It’s what brings light into the darkness of countless lives, moving the hopeless to a place of hope, and ultimately producing a love that will never stop.  Thank you heroes.

One of my current heroes is Bob Goff.  His words speak loud and make a difference.

Shelley Mackerell Photography

He states in his newly released book, Everybody Always:*

**“The moment we take even a tiny shuffle forward, what God is already thinking about us is this: I love you. You’ve got this. You know enough.”

Isn’t that good?  By the way, Bob Goff’s book is a great read.  We’ve had many  conversations about “Everybody Always”  in Studio 365.   I encourage you to read the book and take the conversation to your table.

Anyway . . .

I’ve learned God wants you and I to experience more than what can be imagined every. single. day.

It’s all about a relational connection with God and one another.  As we open the door for God’s generous love to move deep within our soul, we are enabled to be generous to all. It’s the basis of true generosity, the ultimate mission:  Love all.  Serve all.

Of course, it’s a process.

There’s some big questions in the process:  “Who, what,  when, where, why, and how?” 

“Who” is in the process?   Anyone who has served with me is familiar with what I  say:

If, you’re unable to answer a question, then,  say, “Jesus.”

I say it with a smile.  But.  It works.

When we seek God first, we can be sure we will be supernaturally led to those who are in need of love and service.   God gives insight through the Spirit to evaluate and analyze what our response is to be to anyone and everyone.

And.  There’s wisdom in meeting with a spiritual advisor.  Three things:

  1. I am a spiritual advisor.  And.  I have a spiritual advisor.
  2. A spiritual advisor is honest, even when a discussion does not make someone  happy or comfortable.  A spiritual advisor realizes that the with-God life is a process through the presence and power of the Spirit of God.  In the end, it’s most important for a spiritual advisor to be honest with love and truth.  And, it’s crucial for a spiritual advisor to see the best in those they advise as well to believe the future is filled with unlimited possibilities.
  3. Along the way, I’ve learned I don’t need to always agree with my spiritual advisor but I do need to trust this individual to love me with the love of Christ and want the best for me.  It’s what I communicate with those who ask me to be their spiritual advisor or mentor.  Of course, it takes strength to trust despite disagreeing.

It took quite awhile for me to fully realize it’s okay to disagree with one another’s thoughts, words, or actions, if, we always love and want the best for one another.

What would our world look like, if, we all followed this key-principle?

Shelly Mackerell Photography

This key has taken time to develop in me, which ultimately led to being healed of the need to make everyone happy.  There’s freedom in giving of self without needing anything in return.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m continually learning.  I’ve learned  the value of life is not based on how many agree with me or accept me, but rather  “who” I am soul deep. It takes work for most of us to come to this understanding

“What” is the purpose of the process?

The “what” of each step requires trust with the choice to go forward in faith with grit, grace, and anticipation for what God is doing rather than focusing on the impossible, no-good, hard of it all.

There is no magic cure for the hard of life.

Shelly Mackerell Photography

It took me a fair amount of time to learn this BIG TRUTH.


There is a way to manage the hard of it all.

It requires intention, determination, and going the extra mile to break through the POWER OF THE HARD.

It requires guts.

When” should each step in the process start?  

The “when” of taking each step matters.  The thing is . . . we tend to let pressures and problems take precedence . . . and delay proceeding forward.

It really goes back to seeking God first, evaluating, and asking trusted advisors the hard questions to be able to push through our hard stuff so we’re able to take the necessary steps to make a positive impact in whatever we are doing.

Why” is the process necessary?

The “why,” the purpose, of the step  in any and every situation . . . is ultimately about making a generous difference in this world . . . through the love and kindness of God.  At first glance, we might look at a situation and think, “What does this mean to me?”


We need to take a deeper look and ask, “What does this mean to others?”   There is a ripple effect with everything we do.  If, it’s not based on love, then, it’s worth nothing.

The reality is that the value of our life is based on love.

Shelley Mackerell Photography

“How” will the process proceed?  

How”  we move forward is as big of a deal as the outcome.  In the end, the process is what transforms and makes us new.

Finally.  Sometimes situations seem too hard, especially when things aren’t going our way.  It may seem reasonable and even exciting to look for something new to do, rather than asking and trusting God to make all things new in the present situation.

My dad told me on more than one occasion:   “It’s better not to leave when things are hard.   Wait until  you’ve done your part to turn it around, then, leave.  In other words, finish well.”

Our leaving can end up being a problem for us personally as well as those we impact.   God has asked me to stay and be a part of the solution on many occasions.  It took a major adjustment on my part to restrain myself from leaving in certain situations.  But.  I’m glad I stayed.  I became stronger in faith and character by staying and being a part of the solution.  Most importantly, I’ve learned that I never can be too generous with my life.

Obviously, every situation is unique and must be examined from all different angles; however, we’re responsible for doing our part in any and every place.  Even so, there are times when leaving is the best thing to do.  When it’s right for someone to leave, it’s right for all those concerned.

Regardless of the situation, we can be sure God will make all things new because God is always generous.  This. is. truth.

“Watch closely: I am preparing something new; it’s happening now, even as I speak,
        and you’re about to see it. I am preparing a way through the desert;
    Waters will flow where there had been none” (Isaiah 43:19, Voice). 

2.  Surrendering

When surrendering is a daily value, we’re made new, opening the door for God to do more than can be imagined.  Surrender has many components.  When we intentionally surrender it all . . . we’re able to be generous with our life.

If, you’ve been around me for 2.5 seconds, then, you know I love the word, BUT.   Take a look at this beautiful 3-lettered word.   It’s  a connection to something more.

So.   The other day I realized the words which come before the BUT are usually the things which need to be surrendered.   These are the words which represent the negative side of the statement.  Everything we face holds a positive as well as negative, light as well as darkness, and the list goes on.  In the end, negativity leads to . . . well . . . negative issues.  It seems to me that we need to not only do this for ourselves but model and teach this key as a legacy to this generation.

For, example:

“I’m right, BUT I want our relationship to be right more than I need to be right.”   Surrender “I’m right.”

This. is. hard.

We might find satisfaction in  being defensive–by either ignoring or attacking–those who disagree with how you and I think, speak, or act; however, the relationship is the issue.  Are you and I willing to surrender our “right” perspective in order to make the relationship right?

This. is. huge. 

We are responsible to do our part–sometimes we meet half way on the “bridge,”  other times we must cross the “bridge” to the other side to make the relationship right.  It’s what Jesus does for us.

This. is. relationship. 

Yes.  We need boundaries.  But.  The critical component in this piece of our life is extending the peace of Christ, which resides in those who choose the with-God life.  Peace is key.  By the way, we are only responsible for our part of the relationship.

There’s More:   

This month . . . I am surrendering 5 days . . . to do 5 intentional healthy things. I don’t have a lot of time, BUT I choose to have time for healthy living by keeping it simple.

I’m surrendering my time to have as much time possible to be generous with love and service. 

It’s my 5-for-5.

I am doing five intentional healthy things each weekday for the month of May–5 days/week

  1. 5-minute breaks, taking 5 slow breaths, letting go of what doesn’t matter, focusing on God.
  2. 5-well-balanced small meals or 3 regular meals and 2 healthy snacks =5/day
  3. 5-aerobic exercise sessions, 30 minutes long, at least 5/week.
  4. 1-organizational small task –at least 5/week.
  5. 1-intentional act of kindness–at least 5/week.

Let me know if, you would like to join in.  You can email me at

Stop imitating the ideals and opinions of the culture around you, but be inwardly transformed by the Holy Spirit through a total reformation of how you think. This will empower you to discern God’s will as you live a beautiful life, satisfying and perfect in his eyes”. (Romans 12:2, TPT)

 I love this God-word, especially the statement–“This will empower you to discern God’s will as you live a beautiful life. “
It’s a statement of God’s favor.


3.  Sacred Space

Sacred spaces are gifts, allowing us to take a breath and become new.

I enjoy the art of creating space for beauty and grace to bless others.   It’s so needed in today’s world.  So . . . each month . . . I will give you a glimpse of what’s going on in my world to hopefully inspire ideas for your space.

For me–less is more.  I love to create space to refresh all those who come through our door.  We are living in what I refer to as a row house in a porch community.

I don’t have a name for my style.  It’s a combination of  Cottage—Country-Rustic–Industrial.  So.  I would love to hear what you think my style should be called (

So. Here’s our main room.  We’ve accomplished some tasks and have many to go.  Everything is DIY.  We employ our creativity in place of spending dollars.  We have put one slider (barn) door in at our entryway and will be working on the same thing for our pantry.  I love the combination of wood, metal, and glass, both old and new.  My grandma used to have fresh flowers on her table regardless of where they lived.  And. We’ve kept the tradition.  It’s part of being home.

Our kitchen table has leaves to extend it, but I love keeping it round.  Because.  My grandparent’s farmhouse kitchen table was round.  I loved being at their table.  And, I love friends and family to take a seat at our table.

The table is a place to be valued, to belong, to have a voice, to be heard, and most of all to be loved.

Our front porch decor changes with the seasons.  I love the porch.  As the weather gets nicer, we are spending more time on it.  It won’t be long and we will be serving ice cream cones in the evening to whoever wants to drop by to visit.

4.  Stewarding

We have responsibility to care for who and what we receive from God.

“For in him we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28, (NIV)).

I love having family and friends in our home.  I want to be a steward of their time with us and make sure they know they are valued and belong.  So.  I invite them to take a seat at our table.  And. I try to keep cookies on hand to serve with coffee, tea, or milk as a signature of our love for them.

The thing is . . . I love to serve fresh cookies  . . . which means I need something quick and easy.  We’ve served these easy simple lemon cookies forever:

Simple Lemon Cookies

  • 1 package lemon cake mix
  • 1 egg, lightly beaten
  • 1/3 cup vegetable oil
  • 2 tablespoons water

Combine the ingredients and mix well.  Roll into balls and flatten on cookie sheet. Bake at 375 degrees for 13 minutes or until light brown.  Cool for 3-5 minutes. Frost


  • 3 cups powdered sugar
  • 1/3 cup butter or margarine, softened
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice

Mix well.  Add more powder sugar or lemon juice as needed for the right consistency.

5. Savoring It All

. . .  It happened in our family years ago.   At the time, it seemed the hard of life defined each day.  Each day seemed harder than the day before.  Something needed to change.

Jesus said, “Don’t be afraid.  Take courage I am here.” These are the words that anchor us to make it through the day, to face the hard stuff, to have faith that He will get us through the overwhelming moments, even when we feel like we are drowning.

It took me a great deal of time to realize I needed to change, I needed to find the gift of each day,  I needed to do only what matters, and I needed to savor and memorize the moments that God  graciously gives me.

Here’s a few moments from our recent time together . . .

Turns out . . . Tricia and Tiffany . . . will always be “the girls.”  It’s who they are together.  I love this picture of the girls’ families from Easter afternoon in our home.  By the way, the announcement is out:  There’s another little one coming this fall.  I mean.  A sweet new life is pure joy.  A gift!

This. is. joy.

And, yes, there’s more . . . because there’s always more . . .

I pray this section of May’s post will inspire you as well as deepen your life with-God.

Our organization, tablethink, is slowly coming to life.  Yes.  It’s all in lowercase.  Studio 365 is our first podcast show.  It’s every. single. day.

You can email us @

We’ve just started a new weekly podcast called Studio 365 After Hours.  It’s a joy and work.  Isn’t that how it always goes?


Joshua and I talk about behind the scene moments at Studio 365 about what’s happened in the week, what it means to live the with-God life, and anything else that comes to mind. Studio 365 “After Hours” is a weekly 20-minute or so podcast show to laugh, to feel good, and to be inspired to live the best life.

After Hours


And . . .

Here’s some of the podcast shows that have occurred since my last post @

 Studio 365 daily podcast . . .

I hope you will listen, share, and take the conversation to your table @

Tuesday, May 8, 2018 Made Easy

Joshua  and I discussed our different perspectives on checking in on the daily news @studio365. There was a time I realized the news reports impacted how I started my day. I need to start and end the day with the timeless and powerful God-words to live the best life. Today’s words from Studio 365 reframes the day, “For my yoke is easy to bear, and the burden I give you is light.” (Matthew 11:30 (NLT)). Start and end with a smile, positivity, and truth. Listen, share, and take the conversation to your table.

Monday, May 7, 2018 Amazing Adventure

God shows us the path we are to follow in life through unstoppable love.  While we may have a different path in mind, we can be sure that God always has something more, untold adventures, and great abundance. It’s all a part of the with-God life. Each of us have the daily opportunity to be on the path of life. Listen, share, and take the conversation to your

Sunday, May 6, 2018 He Came

  Joshua and I discuss John 20:19-21 from the New Testament. I love the picture of Christ coming into a locked room where His disciples were meeting–I’ve always thought that there had to be some humor in the whole situation–when He “popped” in to speak with all of them. They had literally been afraid for their lives not realizing how everything for humanity had changed because of Christ. When Christ came into the room their fear shifted to joy. And, then, the powerful words were given two times, underscoring what we could have regardless of the challenges and hardships we face: “Peace be with you.” These words reveal a integral element of the with-God life. I pray you will be blessed with peace as you listen.  

Saturday, May 5, 2018. What Has Power Over You?

Joshua and I talked about an important concept in our faith walk.  Marie Kondocomes up in the conversation; she helps people clean out the clutter, keeping only the things that spark joy. It’s all about streamlining, letting go of the unnecessary things.  As we release in all areas of our life, we let go of the things that are unnecessary and hold power over us.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Joshua and  I enjoyed discussing a quote from Bob Goff’s book, “Everybody Always.”

I love his book–it’s so needed in our world.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Of course, Joshua had a story on Thursday, a day of prayer.  As I prepared for this conversation–it struck me that we don’t often talk about the fact that love is at the heart of prayer–instead we examine it as a discipline or a spiritual habit–and often discuss the value of waiting on God. The thing is . . . one of the most incredible elements of the with-God life is knowing God waits for you and I to come and be in the presence of amazing unstoppable life-changing love. I’m new every. single. time.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Joshua celebrated the middle of the week with the new podcast weekly show: “Studio 365 After Hours” theme song.  Our conversation centered on our new theme, “with.”  No matter what, God is with you.  Sometimes we need to turn around from our circumstances and see God is present with the promise to strengthen and help us.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

We talked about how we live our life in relationship–intentionally doing the work to make our relationships the best.  This is a key principle to live the best life.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Joshua told a story, revealing the need for wisdom, key to living the best life. God generously gives wisdom if, we ask. BUT. Too many take action without the wisdom of God.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Such a good day @ Studio 365Joshua and I discuss what it means to be intentional with the daily assignment God has for us, which includes giving honor to specific individuals. The thing is . . . when we honor one another . . . we honor God.

Saturday, April 28, 2018 Take A Seat

Saturday, April 28th’s pod-cast show gives a new view of the classic “Loaves and Fish” story in the book of John. It’s a truth that needs to be a part of our life and taught to this generation. I’m convinced this truth is essential in living the best life. And, yet, it often gets missed in the stuff of the day. The word, WITH, is huge as you process this:

Jesus revealed the “with” of God. The meaning of our life  is clearly seen in John 6:  With God and one another.  It records a miracle of providing more through a boy’s lunch of 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish to at least 5,000 people.
One sentence is easily missed in the story.  It’s profound.
Jesus went up the slope of a hill and sat down with his disciples (John 6:3, TPT).
Think on this scene:  Jesus stopped in the midst of the busyness of the day and sat down with his disciples.
There’s more that’s often missed.
“Have everyone sit down,” Jesus said to his disciples. So on the vast grassy slope, more than five thousand hungry people sat down (John 6:10, TPT).
 Jesus, God-with-us, chose to take a seat with others.  So.  Why wouldn’t we find the time and make the effort to take a seat with one another?
They sat at  with Jesus at the “table” together :
  Jesus then took the barley loaves and the fish and gave thanks to God. He then gave it to the disciples to distribute to the people. Miraculously, the food multiplied, with everyone eating as much as they wanted! (John 6:11, TPT).
 The miracle was experienced with one another.  It would have been different for those who had not took a seat.  Because.  It changes everything to be at the table with God and one another.
The word, with, is an important piece of  the way life is lived. 
Let’s take a seat with God and one another at the table to experience the miracle of being together.

Friday, April 27, 2018 On Mission

I told a story about Tim on our Friday, April 27th’s pod-cast show.   He was thirteen when he woke up one morning and said we needed a family mission statement. Of course, he said it as we were in our morning rush. I thought it was extremely funny to state our mission as: “Get up, get going, get through the day, get home, and get to bed.” Anyone who has lived with a thirteen-year-old never forgets the posture and eye-rolling that comes with an emphatic response, “MOM.” Anyway, we eventually came up with a life-mission statement which has continued to define our purpose and guide our values:

“Love all. Serve all.”

It’s from the message Jesus gave to humanity.

Thursday, April 26, 2018 Begin New

I had the chance to have a mini-pastoral counseling session with Joshua in our Thursday, April 26 podcast show. You can read a few of the key relational points used on today’s show.

These points were included:

*Let God’s love break through the things that are consuming.

As God’s mercy is new every morning . . . give new mercy to others . . . commit to being faithful to God and one another.

In the evening:  Refuse to let the sun go down with your anger.  Take time to resolve the issues before the day ends. In other words, refuse to be weighed down by it all.

In the morning:  Do whatever is necessary to begin the day new.  Give grace, forgiveness and all things to make it brand new.

*Yet this I call to mind. and therefore I have hope:  

Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed,  for his compassions never fail.

They are new every morning;  great is your faithfulness (Lamentations 3:21-23, NIV).

**Excerpt From: Bob Goff. “Everybody, Always.” iBooks.

 I hope you and I are able to connect soon.

Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2018 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Author: Kerrie Carlisle Palmer

Hi there, I am a Life-Story Teller, Co-Developer of TableThink (, co-host of TableThink and Think On This Podcasts, Pastor, Church Planter, Founder of Red Door Church. I love to be with my family, friends, and anyone I meet along the way. Two musts are coffee and celebrations. I hope you and I are able to connect soon.

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