More In June . . . Equality

So . . .

Father’s Day . . . is a big deal.  Obviously.  There’s so much to be said.  I decided to address one item out of the millions of things to discuss: equality.  No worries.  This is a brief statement on a subject which needs volumes of books to be written.


It’s important to this generation and all who follow.

The thing is . . .

Some men have taught me the value of equality by unfair and dishonoring behavior, including male leaders in the church.  There are those who say they are “for women” but believe male clergy will always do better than women.  That’s fun.

Yes.  There are some men who are loud in their support of women in leadership, but they often miss the point of what it means.  A side note:  I’ve wondered how people would respond if, I said,

“I support men in leadership.”

Because this should not have to be said.


I’ve been blessed with men in my life who value the individual rather than the gender, giving respect and honor to all.   My father taught me that I could do anything, never giving me reason to pause and wonder if, a woman could or should do it.  My husband has been my greatest cheerleader, walking beside me, defending my rights, believing mountains would move no matter how it all seemed.    My brothers, brother-in-law, son, son-in-laws, nephews, as well as many male friends, co-workers, peers, and professors have stood with me in all seasons.

I see all these men as door openers–ushering my generation and all those behind me to live beyond the constraints of inequality and disregard.

To these men–I say thank you.  May you be blessed beyond measure today as you keep the door open for women to live out their potential and purpose.   May the next generation experience the blessings of equality by the way you intentionally live.

Happy Father’s Day–Kerrie

Gregg and I
Dad–blessing me at the end of my leadership at Red Door Church December 2017.
Dad and Gregg with Tricia and Tiffany for a summer pizza party.

My brother, Kelly, and Gregg.
So . . . here’s the men in our family.

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