More In June . . . Hallelujah

So . . .

I’ve been in the hard and broken place.

More often than not, it’s a place of




It’s the desert of life, a dry wasteland.

Many of those I love are there right now.

I want you  to know my heart is with you.  

I love you.  

I believe God’s more is ahead of you.  

I’m praying for a downpour of God’s goodness to saturate you in this dry and dusty place.


Through the power of God’s goodness:

Living water flows.

Light reveals.

Hope rises.

Sorrow passes.

Grace strengthens.

Mercy moves.

Clarity comes.

Peace surpasses.

And, love wins. Always.

I’ve learned. . .

By Shelly Mackerell Photography

God’s goodness is the hallelujah . . .  wherever we find ourselves—Kerrie


The song,Hallelujah, by Pentatonix @ptxofficial, gives pause for reflection–

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