Moving Is Hard To Do

I’ve been hanging out with my parents, helping them to get ready to sell their place.

So.  My mom has a bit of trouble releasing the stuff her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren gave to her.   Each item has a story, making it more “precious.”

The thing is . . . I have had many “precious” seasons . . . most involving DIY projects.   Let me name just a few of my precious treasure making:  There’s been macrame, cross stitch, quilting, sewing, painting, tin punch, stationary designing, baking bread from scratch (which included grinding my own flour), story writing, and God knows what else I have dived deep into with passionate creative excitement.

Yep.  Don’t judge.

I wanted mom to keep one item and release the rest.

So.   My long-time amazing friend, Jan, joined me yesterday and went through each item with her.  I can’t tell you how nice she was with my mom.

I realized Jan and I were playing the role of good-cop/bad-cop.  Guess who I am?

Seriously my parents are so sweet.  So.   I decided I need to reframe the way I say, “Just get rid of it” by saying, “Less is more.”

Except.  I’m pretty sure they still know what I really mean.

It’s been a lot of work but time well-spent with my parents.

There are still several things to do before some pictures can be taken of this 5,300 square foot three story house.  It has five full bathrooms, two master suites, and so much more.  But.  I was able to make a little slide show of what has been done so far.  Of course, I am tempted to show you ALL the drawers and closets I’ve organized. but I’ve restrained myself and only slipped a few in–there’s a ton of storage in this beautiful lovely wonderful place–so it’s been fun.

Apparently, I am now in the “organizational” season of life.  Isn’t that precious?

I hope you are enjoying your July–Kerrie

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