It’s over . . . a time to . . . binge.


God has more for you and I.  This is one of my soul-deep beliefs, which changes how I see life. When we accept this truth, it changes how we manage our life, enabling us to see the best in “what has been” while anticipating the best in “what’s next.”

It’s what we are doing at Studio 365.  We are done with producing daily shows and getting ready to release a series with a bit longer and more in-depth episodes on a new website.  Of course we will keep the old daily episodes for references.  To celebrate–we put them all together–a binge list if, you will.

I’m so grateful for all who have believed there’s more and supported and encouraged me to anticipate the “not-yet.”

Thank you!

May you anticipate the more of God every. single. day.


You can find all of the daily episodes @

and then go to the article:  While you are waiting . . . binge . . . on all of the daily episodes!