A Word About Hard

It happened in our family years ago.   At the time, it seemed the hard of life defined each day.  Each day seemed harder than the day before.  Something needed to change.

It took me a great deal of time to realize I needed to change, I needed to find the gift of each day,  I needed to do only what matters, and I needed to savor and memorize the moments that God  graciously gives me.

First things first.  I had to find a way to live despite my circumstances.  So.  I  gave my attention to what Jesus said:

 “Don’t be afraid.  Take courage I am here.”

These  words anchor me soul-deep.   I encourage you to let these words in.  Because.  When truth goes deep within, we’re enabled to  actually live without drowning in the hard.

There’s always more potential than what is visible in the moment

when we make our way through the day with Christ.

Grateful for the day–Kerrie

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