My Story . . . Now


I’ve been putting off a few things for most of  my life because of busyness.  If,  you have breath in you, then you understand the power of busyness and how it often rules the day.


There’ve been some pretty big dreams that I’ve simmered on for a long time!

A big portion of busyness came from being a pastor assigned to never-ending tasks to do for the church.  While I don’t regret a moment with the individuals and the community, I believe that many  of my responsibilities could have been organized differently to allow time for some of the dreams to be released.  Like anything else, the work of the church must be re-evaluated now and then to make sure that the to-do list is simplified, doing what matters:  loving God and loving everybody.

It’s funny how things go . . .

Joshua and I talked about living outside of the box in Studio 365’s  two-week series, Innovation (

I loved this part of Sir Francis Drake’s prayer  written in 1577 that we used for Episode 123 (Joshua  loved this episode number):

Disturb us, Lord,

when we are too well pleased with ourselves,

when our dreams have come true because we have dreamed too little,

when we arrived safely because we sailed too close to the shore.

And . . . as Joshua shared this prayer on the show  . . . I knew it was time to address these big dreams.  Crazy–how God speaks isn’t it?

One thing I’ve come to understand  is . . .  to live the best life . . .  is to release the things that don’t belong  from the inside-out.

It’s a choice.  And, the choice dictates so much of life.


The most difficult choices are the ones that require change.  Right?

It’s hard to change the known.

“This is what I (we) always do.”


First things first.  This thought requires reframing.  The way we think is an incredible piece of how life is lived.  It’s something that I continue to work on and encourage others to do the same.

Of course it’s just not that easy because thoughts are often seared into our mind and rise up at the most inopportune times.


This is what I (we) will do.

And . . . as I thought about how many times I’ve had to break a thought pattern . . . Joshua and I talked about a song called, Chain Breaker (See below).

It inspired us to produce our conversation as a series, “Break It.”  I love these two strong and decisive words.  These two words are now on my list every. single. day.

At the end of the day–these are four reasons–to live the best life so I can give the best.  Because.   I love them so much!  Love propels the dreams God gives us.  Love matters.  Love wins.

Anyway . . . this is a little bit of my story . . . now–Kerrie

Break It Series. (


Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2018 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED