Happy Birthday Love


It’s Gregg’s birthday.   Today.

Another trip around the sun.  It’s a gift.  The longer we live, the more grateful we are for a life of love.

Its funny how age reframes what matters.

I remember the first time we celebrated his birthday together as if it was yesterday. I know that sounds old.  But. The way time is perceived changes with each year. The details that mattered at the time  remain clear.  It was his seventeenth birthday.  We already knew we loved each other forever.

So.  I made him an orange-flavored cake and packed a picnic.  We headed down the Oregon coast to Gleneden Beach talking non-stop for the hour and half drive, planning our future, excited for a day together.

It was just us. That’s how he wanted it.   My birthday celebrations had been chaotic and filled with people.   Actually, our time together had always been  spent  with friends or hanging out at my home with my three siblings and parents.  At that point I had hardly ever been alone with anyone.  In all honesty,  I had never really been alone.  On the other hand, he was an only child and was often alone.

I began the day  excited to be alone with him.  It seemed daring and amazing all at once.   I determined it would be an unforgettable epic day.

The thing is . . . it did not dawn on me that his mother would be unhappy . . . feeling left out of her only child’s birthday.   I  might have been  a bit self-absorbed in my teen years.

So.  It turns out that #17 was the only birthday celebration we’ve had  alone.

Because.  At the end of the day, we love being with one another and our all.  Love multiplies.  Love is not meant to be alone.  Love is to be generously given away.  Love wins.

Happy birthday my love–Kerrie

P.S.  The last birthday celebration with his mother was four years ago.  It was filled with love and remains an epic day.

July 21, 2014

 Though these pictures are of just the two of us . . . we always celebrate with many more.

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