The first Sunday of Advent is tomorrow.  


I’m a big fan of Advent.

I  love taking time to focus on the advent of Christ’s birth. 

I’ve always thought  each day of advent is like a pre-party leading to the biggest party ever—Christmas.  


I love to party all the time.  


Celebration should be my first and last name. 


The celebration of the coming of Christ has become  more of an event to celebrate—when it’s actually a lifetime celebration.


Here’s what I am thinking:   Each day is meant to be a great big Christmas party.   

Because . . . it’s about Jesus . . . pure love and amazing grace.  

And . . . that’s the reason . . . I’m throwing a party every. single. day. –Kerrie

PS. Everyone is invited to the party.



Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2018 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED