Belonging . . . Sacred Quietness

Belonging is a BIG subject.  Because.   Belonging is connected to how we identify ourselves.  

So last night, we attended a ballet performance of all ages in our community’s high school.  I enjoyed being a part of the audience as well as watching the performance because there was a connection to the individuals performing.  There were all ages and a variety of individuals on the stage, including some with visible physical challenges.
 One gentleman, presumably a father, came out on the stage with a little girl, visibly needing help to be a part of the dance.  He moved her in sync with the music and the other ballerinas on stage.  There was a sacred quietness as he danced with his daughter.  He taught her and all of us the greatest lesson of belonging with every move.  I’m still wrecked by the wonder of it.  

I saw it as a living picture of belonging in a relationship with God–it was Romans 8:28 in action:  We are confident that God is able to orchestrate everything to work toward something good and beautiful when we love Him and accept His invitation to live according to His plan.

When we live the with-God life, we can be certain all things will work together for something good and beautiful through God’s relentless love in the power of grace, which allows us to do what we’re unable to do on our own.  BECAUSE.  We belong with-God. 

Today’s Advent Thought–  It’s a choice to see our identity through the life of Christ–Immanuel–God with us. Belonging to God changes everything.

I pray you take time to step into the sacred quietness of belonging to God-Kerrie

Our Family Dancing Together

If, you have access to the Salem, Oregon area Joshua and I  hope you will stop by between noon and four at tablethink’s open house on December 16.  For details see  I will keep you updated on my public Facebook page @

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