Sacred Space

It seems to me that as our culture fails humanity,  more of us need to consider making a space for the sacredness of the table, where everyone is invited to take a seat to be  loved, valued, and heard.

The table is an anchor in my life experiences.  In fact, I preached a month-long series on the value of the table.   I  underlined how Jesus not only choose but had the “deep desire” to sit  at the table with friends  before going to the cross:

When the meal was prepared, Jesus sat at THE TABLE, joined by His emissaries.
Jesus: It has been My deep desire to eat this Passover meal with you before My suffering begins (Luke 22:14-15 Voice).

Think on this:  Jesus sat at the table with friends right before his death.

This changed how I viewed the table.

This caused me to understand the power of the human experience at the table.


This gave the best reason to make the table  an essential part of every. single. day.

We’ve lived in many houses of all styles and sizes, wanting each place to be a welcoming sanctuary for all those who come our way.   Creating a sacred space for our table became an essential part of it.

One of my favorite tables was made to fit large groups in a purposefully designed space  for it.   I had to let it go when we moved into a smaller home.  So.  I gave the favored table to a friend, praying she would be mindful of creating a sacred space for it.

Our home is smaller than many; however, we were able to make  room for two tables. We created a cozy nook for two to three  adults or a small group of kids to enjoy.  It’s a fun little space for inspiration and quiet.

We have one main room in our living space, so, we placed our table  in the middle of it all. We’re able to enlarge it  by adding table leaves and  using folding tables.  This means we have to shove some furniture to the edges.  Even so, we’re willing to do whatever is needed to  accommodate more at our table.

While many people have a table, there are less people who intentionally make it a sacred place, reserving time to gather with one another, sharing the meaning and matters of life.  My prayer for you is to have the opportunity to experience the kind of table Jesus sat at–open to everyone with unstoppable love and amazing grace–a true sacred space.

Today’s Advent Thought:  Make your table a sacred space.

I pray you experience the sacredness of the table–Kerrie

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Author: Kerrie Carlisle Palmer

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