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What Is And What Could Be

Starting a church is a work of grace, faith, love, and joy.  And.  At times it’s terrifying, especially when the practicalities of life scream loud. It happened last night.  We looked at a building which has potential.   The possibilities are endless.  But.  The practical side of needing people and resources to make it work is huge.  It began weighing me down during the night; I felt the pressure of being between what is and what could be.


I met with God.

I realized, again, that wherever we are at, God will open the door of an individual’s heart

. .  to pray.

. . . to participate.

. . . to  share gifts  of time, talent, and resources.


As with anything that must be faced, the bigger picture–the REALITY of it all– needs to be the focus.  The reality is it’s God’s CHURCH and people are THE CHURCH.


Today.  As I stand between what is and what could be, I’m grateful to be in-between, believing God will open the doors.


This is The Life–Kerrie

I like this translation of Paul’s letter to the Colossians found in the New Testament:

Pray, and keep praying. Be alert and thankful when you pray. And while you are at it, add us to your prayers. Pray that God would open doors and windows and minds and eyes and hearts for the word so we can go on telling the mystery of the Anointed, for this is exactly why I am currently imprisoned. Pray that I will proclaim this message clearly and fearlessly as I should. (Colossians 4:2-4,The Voice).

The Red Door Community Church leadership:

Brit & Erik

brit and erik hochhalter

Kathy & Jim
pastor kathy and jim pic edit

Kelly & Dan

kelly and dan stearns

Gregg and myselfgregg and kerrie

I’m so grateful for all of you who believe in what could be!


Would you consider praying big for The Red Door Community Church  and asking others to pray big.  We launch on 9.13.15 and would love you to set your phone/alarm at 9:13 AM & PM as a reminder to pray specifically
for God’s favor,
for a place,
for people to boldly join us in this adventure,
for The Red Door Community Church to make a difference in the community, giving thanks.

We will be sending The Red Door Prayer and Information Publication for April in a couple of weeks.  We are praying for many individuals to stand with us.

If, you would like to receive The Red Door Prayer and Publication Email let me know.  Here’s the form:

(Written by Kerrie Carlisle Palmer © 2015 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED)