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Five Words . . . And More


It happened when I visited my sister in San Diego. I had been on my routine 6-mile morning walk when five words from a short story changed my life:  

 “Don’t be afraid; just believe.”   

Mark 5:36, NIV

I had been meditating on the words while I walked.  The reality of the meaning of their message pressed into me.  I finally stopped and wrote this note in my pocket journal:  The pathway to believing is not always easy; however, I can say from experience, it changes how I see and respond to life.  So. I am taking the walk of belief today, believing for the impossible to be possible, for sorrow to become joy, and for all things to become new. 

Life Happens

I was energized and excited to go deeper into the realm of God’s possibilities, realizing God is the God-of-more.  BUT before I could go further,  a doctor called me and said, “You have a life-threatening health issue.  I need to see you today.”  

I honestly did not believe her.  I was sure my test results belonged to someone else.  So, I said:  “I am out of the state for a few more days.  Why don’t I make an appointment when I get home?” 

The doctor insisted I see her as soon as possible, so I made an appointment for the day I returned.   The thing is . . . it seemed like a big mistake . . . so, I invited one of my daughters and sister-in-law to come with me to try out a great coffee shop near the doctor’s office.  After all, it was still a vacation day for me–so why not finish my time off with more fun? 


The five words kept speaking deep in my soul:  “Don’t be afraid; just believe.”   

These words are anchored in my soul, continuing to speak to me in the last seven and a half years since the phone call.  The test results were mine.  By the way, the results did not stop us from going to the coffee shop and enjoying ourselves.  I can tell you for sure that believing God is not only present but at work produces peace, bringing calmness to the soul and making it possible to move forward with belief in God’s more. 

First of all, I’m still here.  So.  There’s that.  

The thing is . . . the diagnosis has been challenging . . . however, each day has been and is a gift. I continue to learn amazing lessons of how God is the God-of-more.  I know for sure that God has used this challenge for me to do what I’m assigned to do.  I’m not saying God created the situation. I’m saying the challenge will never have power over me and will be used for me as I choose to live the with-God life.  

It’s what I call the  Romans 8:31 principle–“If, God is for us–who (or what) can be against us?”

With Joshua Lindley

Actually, this life-challenge has led me to my next– to launch tablethink with Joshua Lindley–which has an amazing potential to impact many people.  This makes it clear to me that this challenge is being used for me not against me. 

Advent Thought 

As you most likely guessed the advent thought is the five words, “Don’t be afraid; just believe.”    

I pray you anchor these words deep within you–Kerrie

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By the way . . . Joshua Lindley and I  will be launching tablethink in January 2019 . . . with the invitation to sit at our viritual table  for inspiration and innovation as you invest your life in living your best.   If, you have access to the Salem, Oregon area we hope you will stop by between noon and four at our open house on December 16.  For details see https://tablethink.com.  I will keep you updated on my public Facebook page @https://www.facebook.com/kerriecarlislepalmer/